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Yes, Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman are a crafty pair for coming up with this #ParksandRec placeholder.

It's like we never left Indiana ... sort of. There's a barn in the middle of a nondescript field that could easily be home to an arts class in a Pawnee park, and there's a crusty Ron Swanson and an adorable Leslie Knope trading good-natured barbs outside.

But instead of a Pawnee Goddess purple vest full of patches, Knope's alter ego #AmyPoehler wears a pair of tailored overalls with appliques of squirrels on her collar, while real-life woodworker #NickOfferman has traded Ron Swanson's sweaters and belted slacks for an untucked button-up and jeans.

Offerman & Poehler
Swanson & Knope? Nope, Offerman & Poehler. (NBC)

They're definitely the best part of this Project Runway-esque competition to find America's best crafter. In fact, their interstitial bits are the main reason to tune in: See Nick identify a bunch of wood by smell! And then watch Amy fangirl over Nick's ability to identify a bunch of wood by smell! And also feel horribly guilty about eliminating contestants! It's hilarious and adorable and I miss Parks & Rec desperately. So I guess this will have to hold me over until they finally get their acts together for a reunion series.

Plus, I love Etsy and a good artsy craft show. I do wish they'd stick to one project per episode instead of two, and show a little more of the contestants' process, so we really could follow along at home, but I'll hang with Making It.

Femme Critic Count:
Female Producers: 5 out of 9
Female Directors: Nada
Passes the Bechdel Test? Definitely.